Pervasive Displays

    Better decisions and improved efficiencies is the product of an increasingly connected world. Right information delivered to the right place at the right time is critical to the mindful consumption of finite resources (time, energy, money etc.). Information access via pervasive interfaces allows the world to more with less… and thus preserving more for our future generation.
    Reflective, Active ePaper displays for applications needing high resolution, good readability and lower energy consumption. Pervasive focus on commercial and industrial applications such as Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, Security, Manufacturing, etc.
    We use mature technology platforms like TFT, IC and E Paper to reduce technology risks and improve product value. We make design-in easy by providing standard and custom displays and support them through an ecosystem of partners. To support your design effort, we provide design resources like specification, app notes, reference design, source code, application support etc.