When I think of great customer service, a couple of companies really come to mind. First, and foremost is Disney. If there is any company that I would rate as number one it’s them. So why, you may wonder what does this has to do with taking your droid to an event. Well, not much really… except perhaps in doing events you are selling yourself, or you’re representing a club. If that’s the case then your personal brand is important and you definitely want to look good. Hopefully some of these tips will help you along your journey.

It’s inevitable but sometimes you are going to have to deal with an unhappy person. So what to do with an unhappy person..

Bad things happen, it’s a fact and we can’t change it. What you can change is how you deal with the situation. If there is anything I could tell you was the most important. It’s the L.A.S.T. thing. If you’re not familar with or just forgot, here’s what it stands for:

  • Listen
  • Apologize
  • Solve
  • Thank

Listen to the complaint and listen attentively. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to explain an issue and feeling that you aren’t being listened to. Trust me, if you look inattentive or like you don’t care, you can just watch the anger escalate. Stephen Covery wrote “Most people do not listen with intent to understand. Most people listen with the intent to reply.” So.. Listen to what they have to say, don’t try to second guess. Don’t interrupt, and don’t be in any hurry to make an excuse.

Apologize for what happened, and be specific. Let them know you heard the problem. Don’t take it personally. More often than not, all anyone wants to hear is that someone recognizes what happened and to take responsibility. It costs you nothing to say “I am so sorry, this should never have happened.” but could cost you everything if you don’t.

Now that you understand the issue, it’s time to solve it. How? My short answer on this is Make it RIGHT. Be fair but do what is in your power to turn around the situation. You may not be able to provide everything that they want, but you can give them the best alternative in your power. Remember your tone and posture during your responses.

Now, this may blow your mind, but most of the time the person only wants… wait for it… to be heard and apologized to. Just listen attentively and apologize sincerely. Did you catch the sincerely part? If you didn’t its important. I’m from the southern United States and apologies are important and never given falsely. If you apologize and get a ‘bless your heart’ in return all I can say is I’m very sorry. We can smell a fake one a mile away. So no excuses. If you’ve gotten that far, and it’s not hard. Go that extra mile whenever you possibly can.

Really? Thank them? Absolutely. So frequently (and I admit I am one of those people) if I have a bad experience, I don’t say anything else after my initial complaint, I just never come back. So remember, if someone brings something negative to you, this could be the only opportunity to make things right. Take this as an opportunity to improve so thank them for it. This is where you have the opportunity to turn a frustrated customer into a lifelong fan. Someone who will tell what a great experience they had.

Turning around a negative situation is one of the most important skills you need to have in your skill set. I’m a simple guy and like simple strategies so I hope this helps you in your journey as a DroidBuilder should you ever encounter an unfortunate situation.

Do you have a strategy that works for you?  Let us know in the comments.