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SWCA2022: Pin Pack


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Glory to the Empire… -XJ9-CS14

You hear the word indomitable thrown about a lot.


What you never see is it in action.  That my sentient friends is what we celebrate with these pins.  Indeed the indomitable spirit found buried in the programming of the Viper probe droid no doubt leads you here today.  This set of two pins will both delight and amaze you and your friends as you sport the latest and most fashionable accessory known to man and alien alike…. Well perhaps except for my sweet, sweet overalls.

Out of stock

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Anoat Sector

ABY 2022

“Huh. Yours looks shinier than mine.” – Fennec Shand

There is a reason that Project Swarm will succeed. One does not root out interlopers from a star system by waiting to see where illegal activity occurs. It is clear now that the destruction of the Death Star – Emperor preserve those lost souls – was blind luck. But fools given ambition become dangerous in their self-aggrandizing historical revisionism. Terrorists become heroes. Insurrectionists become freedom fighters. All of it becomes weaponized against the stability of Imperial law and order.

No more. General Ozzel has seen to it that every faction, no matter how carefully hidden, will be found. Arakyd Industries has produced their finest tool yet in the war against disorder. A deployment of over 100,000 Viper droids will identify each remaining foothold so that those rebellious clusters can be…stabilized.

The durasteel armor, hardened with a proprietary industrial process, houses defensive weaponry, sealed-beam burst communication arrays, and a vast range of sensors.

Nothing will escape the attention of a Viper. Repulsorlifts easily manage all types of terrain and weather. Insulated power sources with redundant backups will preserve function at the extremes of climate. And in the unlikely event that the Viper droid should find itself compromised, a failsafe self-destruct will keep its findings – and its operator – safely anonymous.

Become a part of the mission. Support order. Support law. Support the Empire.

We hope you enjoy this pin set as much as we did writing that description…

Designed for Droid Builders by Helmet Studio.

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