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SWC Chicago Chevron Patch


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4″ inch wide, fully embroidered patch matching our SWCC2019 swag and a delightful R2 to amuse the eyes. Chevron styled with hook and loop backing.

Out of stock

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If you want juicy conversation and a hot cup of ardees, come to Dexter’s Diner. If you want a good cup of ardees, try Biscuit Baron.“―Slyther Bushforb

Note to Self.

While traveling about Chicago, I found the perfect ‘meat’ wrapped in a grain bun in an unassuming place off of West Ontario Street. I quickly whipped out my data pad and documented my experience in order to share it with friends.  As it turns out, I made two amazing discoveries that week, new found friends in a beautiful city, and that glorious hot dog.  When I arrived back home I just knew I needed to Celebrate my adventures with a new stackable style chevron patch to commemorate my discovery.

Celebrate your Chicago adventures with our SWC2019 chevron patch.  4 inches wide, in beautiful colors with a hook and loop backing.

Designed for Droid Builders by Helmet Studio.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.01 in


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