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DroidBuilder’s Table Drapes


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A deep rich blue with a background of parts and dimensions to catch the eye.  Printed on microfiber fabric, this drape has links to multiple droid building clubs for reference.

Features full size printed R2 and BB-8 domes with callouts right on the drape itself.  Since they’re full size, you can use it with or without an actual dome placed on top and still see the callouts.

This product includes two different table drape designs.

Approximate dimensions of the finished drapes are 72″ x 60″ and is designed to be used on standard banquet tables.

Orders take between 4 – 6 weeks for delivery as each item is made to order.

Standard shipping is via DHL and requires a signature.

Designed for Droid Builders by Helmet Studio.


Out of stock

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Unnamed Convention – Outer Rim, 18 BBY

When surrounded by war, one must eventually choose a side.

Deep in the levels of the undercity, troopers to the left of you, and Rebels to the right with fanboys clamoring for information; just what is a droid builder supposed to do?

What club do they want to know about?

Just who are you representing?

Tough questions, so we say you need to look good and not worry about it.  We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to the design team at Helmet Studios, we’re pleased to bring this offering to you.

Qui reparationibus exuperet automaton!

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Some additional items that you may want to order from Amazon to go along with the drape.  We’re a big fan of keeping everything as organized as possible.  I have to admit I label everything and each storage container has a specific purpose.  So with that in mind….

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Dimensions 12 × 25 × 3 in


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