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2019 DroidBuilder’s Supporter Patch


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3.5″ inch wide, fully embroidered patch for showing your support for DroidBuilder’s.  These patches have a sturdy merrowed edge along with a hook and loop backing perfect for attaching to a Bag of Holding.  Styled in our stackable chevron patches.

Out of stock

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873 BBY

A Droid for Every Purpose.“―Industrial AutomatonRORDIS CITY, NUBIA —

After a year of disappointing sales, Industrial Automaton president Julynn Kentas confirmed that the droid manufacturing giant is canceling production on their R5-series of astromech droids. The droid was originally marketed as an affordable alternative to the higher priced R2. However, cost-cutting measures led to compromises, or what Mechtech Illustrated called “a meter-tall stack of the worst business decisions you could possibly want.” IA hopes to recoup losses by reusing existing R5 shells in their moderately successful line of R2-AG and R4 agromech droids. The highly popular R2, R3 and R4 units will continue to see production.

We give homage to Industrial Automatiom the manufacturers of some of our favorite astromechs with this stylized supporter patch.

We hope you enjoy this 3.5″ wide patch in our stacked chevron style.

Designed for Droid Builders by Helmet Studio.

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