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This event will be hosted at two locations. We have a conference room at a local hotel as well as the use of a large shop space for the messy activities.

Friday is check in day and meet at the hotel after 4 pm for a general get together and chat.

Saturday starting at 9AM, we will meet at the large shop.  If you are interested in purchasing and assembling either frames (CSL) or legs during the event, you need to notify me in advance so I can have them precut and ready for assembly.  IF you’re interested in this, then this is the time to do it since you only need to pay for the costs of materials and the CNC cutting is free.  Wood glue and various fasteners will be provided for assembly.

The shop is fairly large (30,000 square feet) so there is plenty of room to do whatever. The shop primarily makes walk-in bathtubs so there is lots of fiberglass floating about. If you’re prone to itching just a heads up, you may want a long sleeve shirt and putting a little bit of baby powder on exposed skin will mitigate it quite a bit.

Whenever we retire from the shop on Saturday evening we can all head back to the…

Comfort Suites
340 Parkway 575
Woodstock, GA 30188

Where we have secured the conference room for our use.

At the hotel we’ll have setup several 3D printers for printing demonstrations. We’ll be discussing different design software used to create the parts as well.

Soldering Sunday, meet in the conference room at 9AM and we will be doing learn to solder workshops. If you need help soldering there will be people there to assist you in doing that. I will bring at least one soldering iron if not two as well as a reflow oven.

In addition we should have a bunch of little prizes to raffle away…

If you would like to bring stuff to trade, sell, or showoff, there will be tables in the conference room for you to do just that.

If you are interested in giving a presentation or talking about a droid building subject, please let me know and we can schedule any amount of time you need.

If you’re not local, or maybe you are but would like to just stay overnight to be closer please book at the Comfort Suites. Just say your coming to the DroidBuilders Event / robot thing and they would get it.

I will have more information to follow but I do hope some of you will be able to attend.

Please note, work at the large shop is a dangerous place. While children are more than welcome they must be closely supervised to ensure their safety while we are at the shop.

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