If your panel idea isn’t already on the list, please submit your idea via the link below. The call for moderators and panelists will be posted at a later date. All panel ideas must be submitted by October 14, 2018. Please do not submit your panel idea directly to the Celebration Chicago team.

Additional information:
1. Panels are typically scheduled for 50 minutes. Ideas need to be able to encompass at least 35 minutes of talking and 15 minutes of Q&A.
2. Open calls are being posted in all builder forums and ideas will be collated by the committee.
3. Not all panel ideas can be chosen and final determination of what gets presented lies with the show organizer.

Panel TitlePanel DescriptionMore info
Droid Building 101A brief introduction to building the Astromechs of Star Wars
History of Droid BuildingA look back at the evolution of the different builders clubs
Extreme Droid BuildingMeet the builders taking Astromechs beyond the basics
Of Mice and Medical: The Other Droids of Star WarsA brief look at the background droids and some information about their construction.
Droid Building on a budgetHow to build a cheap droid.Cover mainly styrene builds and wood, also cover cheap electronics.
Backyard Droid BuildingOld-school Droid building with common items from around the house"Entry level MSE building, GONK droids, design-your-own droids would be covered.
I would like to see pre-teen builders, female builders, and old-school builders like myself on the panel, relating their personal experiences."
STEM education meets Droid buildingUsing the droids of Star Wars to make an introduction to robotics in your community."Experienced droid builders who may also have a background in stem education.
Open source Into to Robotics Lesson ""What is a Robot?"" https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/eng06.sci.engin.design.lp_robot/what-is-a-robot/
List of places to get involved (e.g. Civil Air Patrol Cadets, JROTC, schools, etc)"
Droid EZ BuildersEZ Builder Platform Integration
BB-8 Building
Droid Builders present: Bringing droids to lifeInviting builders to come discuss the puppetry of droids and how they are brought to life.  
Fan-anthropyEngaging fans through philanthropy!My vision of the perfect panel includes representatives from the Droid Builders, the 501st, and the Rebel Legion.   I would be happy to chair the panel.  
3D PrintingHow 3D printing have made parts vaailability more accessible to builders in all platforms 
Building Droids for Interdisiplinary STEAM EducationThis panel will discuss how a team of students at Ithaca College, in Ithaca, NY designed and built a working BB-8 as part of a curriculum development project for a local vocational high school. The beginning would be a brief overview of our project, but the real content would be people discussing how they have used droid building to teach. The panel would consist of Dr. Edd Schneider (professor), Garrett Chin (former student, team lead), Lauren Suna (robotics lead), and Dr. Tony Betrus (STEM Education leader). We are very open to other additions.
Presenting PresentationsThe basics of moderating/being on a panel or talking at a function such as a school.  This would cover Introductions, talking points, Q&A, thinking on your toes and generally reading and working an audience.
The Magic of Droids with Children - How droids brighten the lives of children of all sorts.Discussions of experiences of builders who have done work taking their droids to events with children and children's hospitals and more. Lots of builders take their droids to events for kids with Make a Wish or children's hospitals. 

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