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Roofs for Texas Weather

Texas is known as the state that does things bigger, and the weather is no different. Texas weather can range from extreme heat to hail storms in the spring.

Commercial Roofs

To many, a roof is just a roof, but this is not true. Every roof is different not just in design, but also concerning installation and expected lifespan. Commercial roofs are not the same as a residential roof.

Roofing Shingles

Concerning the protection of your home, your roof is perhaps your best layer of defense. The roof of your home provides you with protection from the elements, keeps unwanted critters out.

Roof Shingles – Slate Roof Tile

If you are having a hard time choosing roof shingles for your home, you are not alone. Many homeowners struggle to decide which roof shingles will work best for their home based on the pros, cons, and cost of those shingles.

Roof Shingles – Asphalt Roof Tile

Asphalt roof shingles happen to be the most popular roofing material used throughout the U.S. In fact, the ARMA estimates that over 70% of homes throughout the U.S. have asphalt roof shingles.